United Kingdom



The Tower of London and Tower Bridge

One of Britain’s most iconic structures, this spectacular World Heritage Site offers hours of fascination for visitors curious about the country’s rich history, built in 1078 by William the Conqueror, is the 17th-century Line of Kings with its remarkable displays of royal armaments and armor. It’s the most visited of the city’s many tourist attractions. In its long history, this remarkable UNESCO World Heritage Site served as a stronghold.

St Katharine’s & Wapping, London, UK 


Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum

This award-winning museum includes a large number of fascinating science-related exhibits; Highlights include an impressive collection of steam-powered machines, from locomotives to tractors, as well as industrial machinery, Other fun displays include a chocolate packaging machine; the Spitfire Gallery,

With its authentic WWII-era aircraft (including one of 10,000 Spitfires made locally); the Science Garden, with its human-sized hamster wheel; and the Think-tank Planetarium, with its fascinating tours of the stars and planets.

Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Birmingham



Stonehenge, 10 miles north of Salisbury on Salisbury Plain, is Europe’s best-known prehistoric monument (the site is so popular that visitors need to purchase a timed ticket in advance to guarantee entry). Exhibitions at the excellent visitor center set the stage for a visit, explaining through audio-visual experiences and more than 250 ancient objects how the megaliths were erected and telling about life when they were placed here, between 3000 and 1500 BC. 

Shrewton, Wiltshire